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MeetAmerica is a movement of millions of Christians across all of America who pray in public, in their hometown, with hundreds of local Christians, for healing, unity & hope in our nation.  Our mission is simple: Inspire America.

We need hope. We need healing. We need unity. We need Jesus Christ.

At MeetAmerica we have launched and are building a movement of millions of Christians around the country who will pray in public, right in the familiarity and convenience of their own home towns, and bring the light of Christ to hurt souls, hurt cities, and this light will ultimately bring great healing to countless souls and our nation.  Imagine the beauty of 2 million Christians, on 1 day going to 5,000 different cities across America to pray for healing, unity, and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon America.  This is what we are building.  With this MeetAmerica movement, we will “meet America” where it is at and enable America to meet the best version of itself, and every American to meet their God-given maximum potential and joy.  Jesus loves you and he loves everyone.  You are being invited to be part of this movement, to share your witness through simple prayer with a group at an important public place in your hometown, and to help yourself and others find greater purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

We are looking for pastors and faith leaders who will play their role in healing hearts and our nation by supporting this movement of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit in America.  We are also looking for Christians who want to come and simply pray with fellow believers when God calls us to public prayer.  Go to MeetAmerica.com to find out more, to ask us questions you may have, and to most importantly sign-up as a faith leader or a prayer participant for MeetAmerica and this wonderful movement of Jesus Christ.  Together we will heal hearts and inspire America.